Leisure Electrics

Advice, Supply and fitting service

If you own a campervan or a recreational vehicle, it will more than likely have accessories or utilities that require either 12v DC or 240V AC electrics to power them. Lights, fridge, a tap/water pump, charging points etc.

We can repair, modify or add to your existing system, or if you want a new system designed and installed we can custom build wiring looms to suit your vehicle.


12V DC system.

Leisure Battery – Find the right battery to suit your vehicle or needs

Split Charge Relay – Ignition triggered or Voltage sensitive

Solar Panels – Installed and wired in to your system
Wiring – Repair, renew or modify
Switches – Individual switches or complete control Panels in your style
Volt meter – Analogue or Digital
Charging points – USB or traditional ‘Cigar lighter’
Taps and Water pump – Sourced and fitted to suit your needs
Lighting – LED lights, spot lights, reading lights, custom applications.


240v AC System

Exterior Charging socket – Installed in the skin of the vehicle or hidden so as not to spoil the vehicles asthetics.
Hook up lead – Used to connect the van electric circuit to a campsite (or home) power point.
Consumer Unit – Much like you would find in your home, a consumer unit houses the breakers for each 240V AC Circuit
Sockets – 3 Pin Sockets, sourced in your style and installed to suit your needs.
Wiring – We can run new wiring to any Utility or appliance
Certification – All installations are checked and signed off by a qualified Electrician

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