Bespoke Builds


The bespoke builds we offer are custom designed and built to your specification. From creating smart storage to custom width and height units, we know how to get the best from your van. During your initial consultation we will discuss with you how you intend to use your van, is it a weekend getaway or for longer use. What are your expectations are and how we can help you achieve them, by working through your ideas for the inside and outside of your vehicle whilst maximising the use of available space to create a home away from home feel.  We will, of course, be able to assist with ideas and answer any questions you have along the way.

custom bike storageTech and Utilities

Want new speakers or an updated sound or utility system? Running new speakers and adding power or lighting points are not a problem. We can also add televisions, heaters, hot water systems and kitchen utilities seamlessly into your camper van interior.

Lightweight Furniture Ply

We build our interiors with a 15mm lightweight ply from Morland. The range of their designs is huge with an option for every look. Our in-house team work closely with our on-site carpenter to design and build your dream interior. The Vivaro below was built with the silver 15mm, the spec was for maximum storage which included a hanging space, housing for a fridge whilst allowing free movement of the Rock&Roll bed from Day-time to Night-time mode.

The interior was built to protrude out at the end, where the bed stopped, so there was room to gain extra storage and worktop space. Call us on 01323 843532 to discuss your bespoke interior. Check out some of our build bios on YouTube below


Peugeot Boxer Ex Prison Van

The Prison van build was a really exciting project for the team at Combe Valley Campers. The van was a great base vehicle with comfortable standing room. The client specified they would love for some of the features to stay. The inclusion of the cells allowed the vehicles former use to be shown. It did also mean we didn’t have to remove two steel high-security cell blocks from the van! These created the client’s shower room and toilet which by adding a vinyl privacy screen created a very usable space.

A custom made bed, fitted widthways across the rear of the van, gave the client a pleasant sleeping area and room underneath for storage. The kitchen pod was fitted with a gas hob and custom made sink, made out of a jam mixing bowl which really added charm to the kitchen space.

Working with our local fabricators we also made a very versatile table system within this build, allowing it to be moved and fitted in several places. This created a dining space, extra cooking space and also a laptop stand in the sleeping area.

VW T3 Camper Build

The T3 build had some great features to stand out from the crowd. The Clients wishes combined a pink and grey colour scheme which worked very well to make a personal space. This build saw us include an electric rock and roll bed, like most of us with campers the client didn’t want the constant wrestle with leavers to set up camp for the night. This build saw a complementing colour scheme from Morland combining a white and silver interior, which we designed with plenty of storage for their weekends away.

We caught up with the owner and van at Camper Marmalade in the weeks after the conversion and were impressed with the further personal touches that the owner had added to build the dream camper van and live the van life!



Day Van Conversion Bundle

Prices start from £2,850 + VAT


sound deadening on a t5full sound deadening and insulation of the van from behind the cab.

This includes the ceiling, floor, walls and doors with the three layers of sound deadening and insulation from dodo mat and silent coat.







t5 ply panelsThe ceiling wall and floor ply panelled.

This includes 3.6mm ply panels fitted to the sides and ceiling and a 12mm ply flooring. These will be fitted with factory clips or fitted with hidden screws as per customer specification/requirements








Altro flooring.

The newly fitted floor is covered with 2mm Altro flooring. Altro flooring can be bought in a range of colours and importantly is non-slip and made of heavy-duty vinyl. 









t5 carpetCarpet Lining.

The 4-way stretch carpet lining, available in a wide variety of colours – which can be seen on our products page, can be installed in two different methods. Either, we will cover your ply panels individually and then carpet any remaining exposed metal or alternately we can carpet the van in one go, carpeting over the fixed panels etc.


Want a little more for your van? check out the optional extras below.


Add Electrics

If you would like to add a 12v leisure system to this bundle you would also get

  • Leisure Battery
  • Control Panel + Fuse Box
  • Voltage Sensing Split Charge

Leisure electrics prices start from as little as £313

Please note that all prices are subject to change and are estimated. If this service is something of interest please provide the following information on an email to

  • Photos of the interior (if you are local enough, we can arrange for you to bring your vehicle into us to view that would be great!)
  • are there any windows?
    • if so, how many and location
  • are the wheel arches boxed in?
  • is there a bulkhead?
  • single or twin sliding door?
    • with or without a window
  • barn or tailgate rear door
    • with or without windows
  • Confirmation that we would be carpeting over the ply panels or removing them and carpeting the separately
  • Are we supplying the ply kit
  • Is  carpeting on the roof/panels  required
  • are you considering Solar Panels or 240v

Do you still want more? At Combe Valley Campers we can also supply and fit pop-top roofs, windows, beds, seats and of course a bespoke or ready-made interiors. We are here to help you build your dream camper and live the van life! 

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Bespoke Builds

The bespoke builds we offer are custom designed and built to your specification. From creating smart storage to custom width ...
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Carpet Lining

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Canvas Replacement for all pop tops


Most classic Campervans have been restored at some stage and it’s normally the roof canvas that either gets forgotten or neglected and a badly worn or canvas can let down an otherwise great camper.

Using traditional methods we can safely remove your old canvas and replace it with new version to suit your budget and style.

We work with canvas manufacturers and suppliers to help you achieve the best results.

In December 2018 we were asked by Heriatge parts centre to fit the final ‘prototype’ of their new VW T3 Westfalia canvas before it goes on general sale.



Supply and fit

A good solid wood floor is very important when converting a van. It provides a good smooth surface to install your chosen interior, and also to apply your chosen floor covering.

It is recommended that a 9mm or 12mm Birch ply is used due to its strength and resistance to water retention. This can either be cut to fit in house, or we can have CNC Cut floors supplied.

The fitted floor is covered with a 2mm Altro flooring. Altro flooring can be bought in a range of colours and importantly is non slip and made of a heavy duty vinyl.



Carpet Lining


Supply and fit

Carpet lining is used to cover interior metal surfaces and provide a uniform finish in a campervan conversion. It can be used on the walls, roof and door panels and is applied using a high temperature resistant adhesive to ensure it does not peel off on a hot day.

Lining carpet comes in different colours and textures. We have different examples in stock for you to look at as well as other products to help you decide which colour combination to choose from.


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We can also provide a suede-liner service. It is 3 mm backed liner which can be purchased in over 10 different colours. To enquire about our lining services call us today on 01323 843532



Ply lining

Supply and fit

Used in campervan conversions to provide a smooth interior surface, plywood lining can be used on the walls, roof and door panels of a van. The lining can then be covered in a specialist carpet or any other material you wish to create your ideal van interior.

Lining panels can be either custom made on site or supplied by companies using CNC cutting machines to ensure a uniform finish every time.




Our ply panels are supplied and fitted as a 3.6mm. On request we can fit thicker 6mm ply panels.




Sound deadening and insulation

Supply and fit

Whether you currently own a campervan, or you wish to have a campervan built, having good sound deadening and insulation in the walls, doors and floors is vital.

Every van is built primarily as a commercial vehicle, meaning that when built they were fitted with little in the way of luxury.


Older campervan conversions, despite being built by professionals, were fitted with insulation that was meant for your home. Over the years, this becomes wet through condensation or leaky windows, and settles in the bottom of the panels. This in turn leads to rusty panels, and no heat retention.

Technological improvements have meant that sound deadening and insulation is not only more effective at keeping heat in but does not soak up water.

We work with specialist suppliers to provide the right materials for your application and budget.





Leisure Electrics

Advice, Supply and fitting service

If you own a campervan or a recreational vehicle, it will more than likely have accessories or utilities that require either 12v DC or 240V AC electrics to power them. Lights, fridge, a tap/water pump, charging points etc.

We can repair, modify or add to your existing system, or if you want a new system designed and installed we can custom build wiring looms to suit your vehicle.


12V DC system.

Leisure Battery – Find the right battery to suit your vehicle or needs

Split Charge Relay – Ignition triggered or Voltage sensitive

Solar Panels – Installed and wired in to your system
Wiring – Repair, renew or modify
Switches – Individual switches or complete control Panels in your style
Volt meter – Analogue or Digital
Charging points – USB or traditional ‘Cigar lighter’
Taps and Water pump – Sourced and fitted to suit your needs
Lighting – LED lights, spot lights, reading lights, custom applications.


240v AC System

Exterior Charging socket – Installed in the skin of the vehicle or hidden so as not to spoil the vehicles asthetics.
Hook up lead – Used to connect the van electric circuit to a campsite (or home) power point.
Consumer Unit – Much like you would find in your home, a consumer unit houses the breakers for each 240V AC Circuit
Sockets – 3 Pin Sockets, sourced in your style and installed to suit your needs.
Wiring – We can run new wiring to any Utility or appliance
Certification – All installations are checked and signed off by a qualified Electrician